Gerber Downrange Tomahawk Review

In this article, we’ll be reviewing the Gerber Downrange Tomahawk (30-000715).

The Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is an example of taking a very old survival tool/weapon and modernizing it. The tactical aesthetic of the axe is visually pleasing and is right up our street here at Gear Exploit.

This is a serious survival tool that will do you well in any situation that an axe can be useful, whether that’s a combative fight or a rescue mission.

History Of The Tomahawk

The tomahawk is a hand-axe that came from Algonquian Indians in North America. The term tomahawk came from the Algonquian words “tamahak” or “tamahakan.” The very original Tomahawks were crafted using stone and it wasn’t until the arrival of Europeans that they became to use metal blades. The Tomahawk is a very versatile blade that is used in rescue missions, survival and close quarter combat. If you’ve played modern games, I’m sure you’ve thrown one or two Tomahawks before.

Blade Specifications

This tomahawk comes with a low profile molle sheath that you can attatch to just about anything. It has an easy release snap so you can get this out in no time.

The downrange tomahawk has 3 primary functions. The first is a pry bar, this pry bar has a cant in the head to allow maximum leverage.

Up top on the axe head, you have an integrated prying handle, this gives you real estate so you have positive control when you actually want to pry.

On the reverse side, you have a hammerhead, this has a maximum surface area and is welded in place. On the opposing side, you have a button that allows you to remove the sheave from the tomahawk.

This is great for hacking throw ropes, twine and anything in a hurry.

It also has two G10 handles which gives the user maximum control and confidence during swings.

Its made from 420 carbon steel and has been heat treated so it wont bend during stress.

It weighs 1.9 lbs so it is pretty lightweight. The total length of the tomahawk is 19.27”.

The biggest complaint I’ve heard and noticed myself is the lack of a sharpened edge. This model will need sharped if you want to use this for survival. However the thought process behind this from Gerbers point of view is, a sharpened beveled blade will over penetrate when striking something and get stuck which will make the task more difficult.

Now we have reviewed a few Tomahawks and this one is certainly well up there in terms of versatility.

Handle and Ergonomics

The Gerber DRT has an integrated G10 handle scales. The jumping on the handle gives you a very secure grip. The backside of the ax head is designed like a hammer so this will be useful if you have to break through difficult objects.


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