Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade Knife Gerber Review

Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade Knife Gerber


Now you may have read our large combat knife post and seen how much we praised the Gerber Strongarm Fixed Blade Knife. This knife is a favorite of mine, I have used it to do a great deal of food prep, wood processing and even dress out some fish. The Strong Arm is a full tang construction with an exposed point on the pommel. This is fantastic for breaking glass in case you ever find yourself in an emergency. (smashing a car window or something)

I am a big lover of a good fixed blade knife! This is a good fixed blade knife and is actually a bit smaller to other models you will find on the market. The knife is really easy to carry around and is fairly lightweight.

The blade is 9.8 inches in length and features a 4.8 inch blade. Putting aside the cool as f*ck aesthetics, the blades weight distribution is nice. The length of the blade to the length of the handle really does add to the aesthetics too. Now a lot of existing customers have been turned off by Gerber lately, with a lot thinking their focusing too much on their celebrity marketing rather than the production of fine knives. However, this model has turned a LOT of critics around, including me.


The Modular sheath system is sturdy, the knife locks right in there. MY issue is it might just be too strong. You might struggle to draw the knife as fast as you would like. This tension annoys me more than anything.

Handle & Ergonomics

The handle on the StrongArm is an interesting design. When gripping the knife, you will find it is very comfortable, even if you have large hands. The handle is made with glass filled nylon that has a rubber oversold. This means you’ve got a highly durable and sturdy handle but also a handle that is ease and soft on the hands. Your hand will not cramp or fatigue and in fact, it will actually be pretty comfortable.

This model has a diamond textured rubber grip that we really like. It has a multi-mounted sheath that can be used on a drop-leg system, on a horizontal belt mount or whatever floats your boat.

10/10 on handle and ergonomics!

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