Chances are you’re here because you’ve been searching for US truck tents or some other form of truck bed/tent for camping.

Whether you’re sourcing one for a camping exhibition, an emergency survival scenario or any other multitude of reasons. We’ve carefully reviewed a handful of high quality variants that’re bound to bring guarantee you solid shelter in harsher conditions. Hopefully you can find a variant for your needs.

If you’re just a regular reader who’s interested in this article – you might not know what a truck tent is. Simply put – they are easy to transport tents that attach to the rear-end of pick up trucks. They’re effectively total conversion kits that turn your mobile vehicle into comfortable porting camping stations. They aren’t as huge as some of the six-person tents you’ll stumble across on the internet, but they can be pretty decently sized and particularly comfortable to shack up in, even over the winter months. (provided you have enough insulation material to keep you warm). They’re not necessarily confined to just the rear end of your pick-up truck too. Some of them are designed to form a solid base in your pickup bed and extend outwards.

Another benefit of utilizing a truck tent is that you can store many of your personal effects in your truck. Which is generally much more secure (as it’s made of metal). Being able to store your personal effects also means you have more room inside your tent for the things that actually matter. Like your bed, your sheets and perhaps some food and water if you get hungry and don’t feel like running out to your passenger seat.

You’re also elevated well off the ground when you use camp with your truck.

The Best Truck Bed Tents

Napier Backroadz Truck Tent

The napier backroadz truck tent is a great quality, camo style truck tent that comes in a variety of sizes. Ranging from a 5′ compact short tent right through to a 6.7′ large full bed size. The interior is spacious with plenty of headrom to gaurantee maximum comfort. Despite having two large windows for ventilation – it is totally weatherproof. The rain fly helps keep the nasty weather out, alongside the storm flaps that can be used to plug up the ventilation system. It has a fully sealed floor so that you don’t need to awkwardly attempt to seal up the bottom section of the tent.

A lantern holder is provided on the ceiling of the tent so you can establish a high quality light source whilst it’s dark out. It even has multiple gear storage locations (a pocket and a loft). You don’t even need to worry about too much light bleed giving away your location. If you turn your light off you’ll notice there’s very little light bleed from the outdoors – that works both ways.

Set up time is normally pretty fast too. It should feasibly take you about 10 minutes at most. This is largely thanks to the color coded system the poles use to quickly guide you through the set up process.


Offroading Gear Truck Bed Tent

The offroading gear truck bed tent comes with two variants. You can get the slightly more expensive variant with an awning. You can also opt for the slightly cheaper version that does not feature an awning. It’s designed to fit basically any standard sized rear truck box. The average size is normally about 6.5′. You can easily fit up to two adults inside this tent, so if you’re planning on using it to camp solo you know you’ll have more than enough room to stay comfortable.

It has a window at the rear end which is totally detachable. This will grant you access to the rear cabinet of your truck. Quick access to the cab can save you a lot of headaches if you find yourself in a situation where the weather is maybe particularly bad. There’s a handful of different vital camping supplies that are pretty easy to leave in your truck, so having this option can potentially save you some serious headaches further down the line. Having a rear access area also allows you to run wiring through to your tent from your truck.

The flooring of the tent is attached to the rest of the tent to ensure total waterproofing. This can save you a lot of hassle attempting to ensure the bottom segment of the tent is completely waterproofed. Which can be a particular nightmare if you’re attempting to build your tent in the rain.

Three windows are present, all of which are designed to maximize airflow whilst still preserving a good bit of privacy. They can be zipped down to just an insect-proof mesh net so that you can enjoy the open air without getting harassed by mosquitos.

Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed

This is truck tent comes into its own through its choice of materials. Kodiak have used their classic hydra-shield waterproofing treatment to ensure moisture has no choice of penetrating the tent. This massive 8ft tent is designed to be built with the tailgate down to provide you with an entrance tunnel with some excellent shielding from harsher weather conditions.

It has five windows to give you a solid field of view, it even has a rear facing window to allow you to peer into your truck and get a look out the front window if necessary. These windows all assist in providing you with appropriate ventilation and creating a roomier, less confined feel.

It does not have a fabric bottom, however. So you’ll need to provide your own lining if you feel like it. With the level of waterproofing here you could feasibly just throw a mattress and covers down and not worry about it too much, though.

It’s designed to withstand all forms of weather conditions and be used as often as you like all year round.

If you settle on this tent you’ll likely be surprised by how durable and strong it is. It should serve you well whether you’re using it for a hunting trip, some outdoor discovery or any other tasks you could possibly need it for.


Sportz Avalanche Truck Tent III

This is another great truck tent with a few unique features that set it apart from some of the ones you’ve read about already. One feature that particularly stands out to me is the presence of a front AND rear entrance. There’s actually an entrance way facing the cab of your truck. This means you can actually access your truck whenever you need without actually leaving your tent. This is pretty handy if the  weather is particularly nasty and you realize you’ve left something in your truck.

Even if you’re not that forgetful, this is generally a pretty great tent for the price. It has a nice, spacious interior with a large front facing open awning section. This is great for generating a bit of shade if you’re looking to eat your food outside during the day.

Guide Gear Full Size Truck Bed Tent

This is actually one of the best selling truck tents for your rear storage bay. It’s not particularly a surprise, either. It’s great value for money. Despite the relatively low price point, no corners have been cut in terms of quality. It’s full sized with plenty of ventilation (without compromising the waterproofing of the tent). It has it’s own floor pre-attached to the bottom of the tent so you don’t need to awkwardly mess around trying to waterproof your floor area. The interior itself is very roomy and comfortable as this is a full sized tent with a bay door down design. The rainfly is totally waterproof to ensure you don’t get wet entering or exiting the tent. It even has two provided pockets on the interior for storage purposes – meaning you don’t have to roll all over your vital supplies when you’re asleep.

The set up process is relatively quick. If you’ve set a tent like this up before you’ll be able to do it pretty quickly but if you’re a beginner following the instructions it’ll take you half an hour at the absolute maximum. The insulation is excellent, if you combine this with a fire-safe space heater you can heat your tent up to room temperature incredibly quickly – even if it’s snowing outside. There’s even a hanging rope at the tip of the tent that you can jury-rig to hang a lightweight torch or lantern to provide yourself with some good quality night lighting.

The Best Truck Overhead Tents

You’re not just exclusively confined to sleeping in the bed of your truck if you’re planning on taking it camping. They are generally a bit pricier, but you can actually get tents that install on the roof of your vehicle. they normally come with ladders to help with safe entry and have a secure based to allow you to safely fasten them to the roof of your vehicle. They carry all the benefits of a regular read bed tent – but they have a few key differences too. For starters, you’re higher off the ground. Which means you’re safer from any kind of wild animals that may happen to wonder by.

Not having to work with the constraints of a truck bed also means that they can generally be a little bit roomier too. Which is always nice if you’re with multiple people or simply enjoy having a spacious interior to relax in.

Elevated positioning also means you have a somewhat tactical advantage in terms of your line of sight. Provided you’re not intending on drawing a lot of attention to yourself, having the high ground means you’ll be able to see for further. Combine this with a reasonable pair of binoculars or some form other form of optic and you’re on to a winning combination.

Smitty Bilt Overlander Tent

I was particularly impressive when i stumbled upon one of these. This gigantic tent is manufactured with 600 denier fabric that is not only resistant to water but can take a bit of a beating too. It comes with a sunroof, mosquito net and even a large telescopic ladder to guarantee safe entry despite the height. You can even opt for a ladder extension if your vehicle or the terrain mean that this may be a requirement.

Another key feature that really sets it apart as a premium product is the internal LED strip lighting provided that gives you the option of keeping your tent well illuminated at night without any headaches. These can be safely combined with the provided cigarette lighter extension cord to ensure a safe and stable source of power if you may need it. There’s multiple mosquito screens and the zips are all really heavy duty and hard wearing to ensure that absolutely nothing compromises the integrity of the tent.


Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 4 Extended Rooftop Tent

This particularly massive rooftop tent’s main body is manufactured from a tough 600 denier cotton/polyester material. It has a strong support base and a large ladder. 420 denier polyester oxford material has been used to manufacture the water rain fly. The windows are lightweight and provided a great level of ventilation and oversight.

This particular product has been designed with comfort in mind. Memory foam pillows have been provided alongside a comfortable 3″ foam mattress is also provided alongside the tent with its own covers (manufactured from a comfortable cotton material.).You’re also provided with a miniature brush and shovel to allow you to keep your tent as clean as possible. There’s even a lap table, a storage loft and interior LED lighting. You’re also provided with a pouch to fit a power bank (to allow you to power electronic devices) and you’re even given a handheld LED torch in case you might need it.

Not only is the base of the tent designed to provide a stable and strong surface for your tent above ground, it’s also designed to insulate heat. This means you’ll have significantly less heat bleeding out of your floor and your tent will stay way warmer over night – particularly useful for colder weather conditions.

The installation process is incredibly simple and no alterations or other modifications need to be made to your vehicle for a successful installation.

Tepui Explorer Autana Rooftop Tent

This is a particularly large rooftop tent as far as they go – it can accommodate up to 3 people. The overreaching canopy entrance is perfectly sized to set up a space to eat with some shade and ventilation during the day. This entrance is totally removable however though, so if you’re not a fan you can simply fold it up and sit it in your truck.

Designed to withstand any weather condition you could throw at it, you could easily use this tent year round, meaning it’s a really handy thing to have. It’s manufactured from a polyester/cotton blend that’s rated at 600 deniers – meaning it is well on the tougher side of fabrics as far as materials go. This means it can handle a little bit of punishment as well as adverse weather conditions. This fabric is also designed to withstand intense UV rays without fading – meaning you can use it constantly in the summer without fear of issues.

It also features pockets on the interior of the tent. There’s four of them and they’re all pretty large so you’ll have plenty of storage space without having to stick things on the floor and have them get in the way. One foam mattress is also provided but it does not get the best write up – it’s pretty hard. I’d advise bringing your own if you’re planning on taking this tent camping.

Truck Camping Accessories

If you’ve settled on a particular tent for your truck, you might be wondering if there’s any additional bits of gear you should pick up. Whilst these items aren’t absolutely necessary, they can potentially make your camping experience a little bit more easy.

FengChi Camping Lantern

You may have noticed compatibility for these when browsing around for camping tents. Quite a few tents have slots at their apex where you could easily hang up LED lighting. There was also a good few tents with fabric loops near the top point of the interior which are designed for completely unrelated purposes. These lights are designed to be hung up on either. They’re lightweight enough that they won’t damage the structural integrity of your tent or cause any undue sagging. They also come with their own D-CLIP hooks to allow you to easily attach to any convenient hanging spot inside the tent.

Multiple lighting modes are present to allow you to freely switch between half brightness, full brightness and an “SOS” mode.

It has a maximum luminosity of 150 lumens. This is anywhere between 1.5x and 3x stronger than most popular phone flashlights. It can also last for up to 12 hours of continuous usage with three AAA batteries. These are also a particularly handy product across the board. If you’re not out camping, they’re still handy to have in your vehicle as an emergency light source. They’re also useful to keep in the house in case of power outages.


Coghlan Pop Up Trash Can

Planning on hunkering down for an extended period of time? It’s important to be able to quickly clean up after yourself. If you’re camping for leisure reasons, this is simply a matter of respect for public lands. Not being able to clean up after yourself can get you in serious trouble.

Camping for a specific, work related reason? It may be important for you to be able to quickly leave an area. Abstaining from leaving behind any evidence is an added benefit, too.

These pop up trash cans are cheap and quick to deploy. They can also be fastened to the ground to ensure they don’t blow away in high winds.


DLY Emergency Survival Kit


Looking to quickly procure everything you could possibly need on a camping trip. This kit, or a similar one, may be one you want to consider. It comes with a sharp military with serrated and regular edged segments. There’s also a swiss card, a fairly useful card which functions as a multi-tool. Swiss cards have a plethora of different uses, including bottle opening. There’s also a fairly good amount of paracord wrapped around it. This can be particular useful if you need to replace any wired segments on your tent. It’s also handy for fashioning your own shelter.

Pliers are included too. Alongside both cross/slot screwdrivers, a storage bag and even an additional carbine for whatever you might need it for.

Other Extras

This kit also features a wire saw, which is super useful for quickly cutting up potential firewood. If you’re worried about having the means to start a fire, don’t be. The kit also comes with a ferrocerium rod which can be struck to start a fire.

An emergency thermal blanket is provided also. This will give you an extra added layer of insulation if you find yourself  camping during a particularly cold snap. There’s even an included flashlight with SOS functionality and a high pitched whistle. Both of these can be incredibly useful in emergencies. Especially if you find yourself in a scenario where you need to draw as much attention to yourself as possible.

The purpose of this kit is to quickly provide you with a reasonable amount of emergency materials. It’s not a specialized for any one purpose or type of use. If you’re taking your truck camping, you’ll likely have plenty of inventory space. Consider using this space for more specialized items. This kit is great to have as an emergency back-up, but you shouldn’t rely on it. Larger and better variations of the items in this kit are potentially life saving.

For example, the wire saw may be particularly useful for chopping smaller chunks of firewood up. But what if you’re looking to get larger logs? Larger, longer burning fires require more wood. In this case you may want to consider utilizing a survival axe of some kind.

Another example would be the knife. The provided knife in this kit is super handy for small tasks here and there. But if you want a longer lasting knife you may want to shop around for a premium variation.


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