Gun Cleaning Kits – Why Do I Need One?

Owning a firearm comes part and parcel with a wider set of responsibilities. Some of the responsibilities involve gun safety – properly storing your guns in the appropriate place, ensuring they’re unloaded when not in use and never pointing them at something you don’t have the intention of shooting.

Another such one of these responsibilities is the proper maintenance and care of your firearms. There’s a few different processes involved in gun maintenance – but one of the most obvious ones is ensuring that your firearms are cleaned properly.

Powder residue, dirt and other nasties can all begin to build up within your firearm, damaging it’s performance over time. Residue within the barrel can even affect the velocity at which a bullet travels when leaving a gun, literally slowing it down.

Cleaning a gun doesn’t just make it “shiny” and more aesthetically appealing – it literally reduces the chances of you encountering an issue the second you pull the trigger.

These kits are an excellent way to streamline the cleaning process – instead of sourcing everything individually you can get a pack pre-made for you with everything you could possibly need. They can be tailored to your specific gun with multiple gauge sizes etc.

Sadly, mass manufacturing has seen a bit of a decline in quality in some gun cleaner kits. Low quality materials, tools that break easily and overall unreliability can be a bit of a nightmare.

If you’re looking to avoid encountering issues such as this, you should be clued up and aware on what you’re buying. We’ll dive into the details down below. We’ve also sifted through countless variants on the market and sorted the best from the worst. This should help you settle on a reliable product with some peace of mind.

Best Gun Cleaning Kits Available in 2020

Otis Technology Elite Cleaning Kit

The Otis Elite cleaning kit is an incredibly handy little bit of gear to have. You can tell right off the bat that some serious time has been invested in ensuring this little bag of goodies can get the job done without throwing any roadblocks in your way.

They’re manufactured in the United States, which means the materials involved in the production process are likely of a higher grade than those of an imported product would be.

It has every single essential accessory you could possible need for ensuring your firearms are cleaned thoroughly.

Remember when we talked about residue build up? This has 22 different bore brushes that’ll help you crack down on the build up of copper on your firearm. Every single brush is tailor made for a specific caliber – it also uses a handy color coding system to indicate which of these sizes that is. You can also read the caliber information at the base of each of the rods if you’re unsure.

Anything Else?

The brushes themselves have a proper bristle back and all the main wires are corrosion resistant – so you’re sure to get a reasonable life expectancy out of them.

On first glance – it may look like there’s too much going on in this kit. But it provides you with the tools to preform maintenance duties on almost all conventional modern guns. You never have to be unsure about buying the wrong kind of kit – this has everything you could possibly need in one.

It doesn’t matter the type of firearm either, you’ll be able to field strip and clean rifles, pistols AND shotguns with ease. The only aspect of this kit that really leaves much to be desired is the packaging. But then again when you invest heavily on the actual utility of the kit I guess the appearance doesn’t matter too much.

This is perfect for people who have multiple firearms, people who are planning on adding more to their collection or generally just people who are looking for some long term re-usability and utility out of their kit.

Remington Hunting Cleaning & Maintenance Kit

Remington are a company that have been manufacturing and designing weapons in america for an excess of 200 years. Some claim that Remington actually owns the oldest factory in America that’s continued to manufacture the same product it did when it first was constructed.

It should be no surprise then, that with their long history of expertise in the world of firearms, they’re capable of putting out some high quality cleaning products too.

At a fairly reasonable price point, this kit has just about everything you’ll need to ensure your firearms stay working, and working well.

It has one of Remington’s own Squeeg-E deep clean brushes that can remove residue and other gunk from a barrel with ease. Specially designed cables that are flexible and coated are included to allow you to clean without damaging the finish of your barrel. There’s also some high quality bore cleaning utilities that will help prevent lead/copper degradation in the barrel.

Alongside the other cleaning brushes it even comes with a cloth and an adapter. Remington Oil and All-In-One bore cleaning solution is also included.

FIREGEAR Complete Cleaning Kit [Best Value For Money]

The Firegear cleaning kit is a fairly popular kit with a lot of practical use cases. It’s primary selling point is of course that it’s a universal kit. You can clean just about any type of gun with it. The placement of everything in the kit down to the last brush is pretty self explanatory so it’s fairly accessible for you regardless of your background.

This could honestly be used by casual, part time hobbyists right through to someone who works with firearms in a professional capacity.

Everything is packed nice and neatly into the convenient green carry case which can be flattened out to use whilst cleaning.

And when we say “everything” we do mean it. Alongside the 6 Brass Rod, 14 brushes and 9 mops, you’ll also find high quality nylon plastic jags, utility brushes, slotted tips, muzzle guards, accessory adapters & much more.

It even comes with 4 polishing cloths and a powder jag specifically for .50 caliber firearms.

Every component is manufactured to a great quality, brass rods are reinforced to ensure they don’t degrade with use. Even the plastic that is put into jags is made from a high quality materials to ensure you don’t encounter issues with repeat use. Two empty bottles for storing oil are also included – which is a pretty nice touch. 50 cleaning patches are provided too.

Why This Kit?

Whether you’re maintaining a rifle or a handgun, this kit will likely have everything you need, but everything you could possible need further down the line for continued maintenance.

If you’re looking to get a cleaning kit that’s as adaptable as some of the pricier, high end ones on the market – you’ve found it. This is possibly the best gun cleaning kit for the price. Priced at a mere fraction of the price of some of the more established brands.


Ohuhu 28-Piece Gun Cleaning Kit

The first thing you’ll probably notice about this kit is that it comes in a large, aluminium hard case with a foam lining. Something about this kit just has a luxurious and professional feel to it.

It’s priced fairly modestly and the arrangement of the tools inside make it super easy to use. They’re numbered in order to assist you. This kit is absolutely ideal for beginners who are just beginning to delve into the world of gun maintenance.

It’s packed with the essentials and the essentials alone – so you won’t see a lot of fancy optional extras included. Just what you need to get the job done.

There’s 10 brushes for 10 different commonly used calibers, so it’s likely you’ll find yours here. It also has cleaning mops, rifle/pistol rods and adapters.

If you want to scale up there’s a 58 piece variant of this kit, but honestly chances are you’ll be able to get the job done with the 28 piece. They’ve even left space within the carrying case for you to tack in additional tools if the urge ever arises. Having a safe place to store your oil where it won’t leak and damage anything is pretty much ideal. Especially a compact, stylish travel case like this.

Everything in this kit is made with solid, good quality materials to ensure you don’t encounter issues further down the line. The only real downsides of this kit is that the case can not be flat-packed for ease of access when cleaning a gun. The rods aren’t the most reliable on the planet either but they’ll get the job done and serve you well as long as you don’t abuse them.

Otis All Caliber Elite Range Box

The Otis All Caliber Elite range box is absolutely packed to the brim with everything you could possibly need to maintain any kind of firearm. All packaged into a sturdy, reliable toolbox that you can take with you just about anywhere.

As a personal preference, I would honestly brand this the best gun cleaning kit available on the free market.

The box isn’t just for transporting either – it literally turns into a portable workstation, with two vices on either end to components in place.

You might view this is a bit of overkill for a general hobbyist – this is something you’d find among professionals. Law enforcement, gun shop owners or any other kind profession that is regularly involved with firearms. But even if you don’t belong to any of these categories – buying this kit is pretty much a guarantee that you’re not going to have to worry about having the wrong tools for a LONG time.

It comes with 16 bronze bore brushes. All of them combining to cover a huge range of potential calibers.

What Else?

4 ripcords are provided for specific firearms. They allow you to preform a quick clean in one single pass whilst out on the field. This is a solid time saver for those who don’t have enough time to sit down and properly clean the firearm.

There’s a B.O.N.E Multi-tool type device included – it’s for 5.56mm guns and can be used to properly and efficiently clean bolts/bolt carriers/firing pins that fit this description.

The cleaning patches provided are all made from 100% cotton too.

This kit also comes with a some important oils. a 2oz of bio-clp is included alongside complete cleaner, firearm protectant and firearm lubricant. These are actually provided alongside applicator tips to ensure you can do a solid job with relative ease.

This may sit slightly higher on the spectrum in terms of pricing. But the huge amount of tools and accessories that are provided honestly make it worth considering.

I’m a particular fan of the fact that the box doubles as a mobile work station. it can make maintenance a lot easier. Especially if you’re out and about and not working within the comforts of your own home.

More than 60 different components are located inside of this toolbox. Most enthusiasts would struggle to rhyme off 60 different gun cleaning components on the spot. Nevertheless, Otis have identified these components and packaged them up nicely.

It doesn’t come with instructions, so it may be more orientated towards those with slightly more expertise. But if you know what you’re doing then you’re going to have a pretty smooth experience with this.

Finding The Right Kit  – A Buyers Guide

If you’re shopping around for a kit of your own – then there’s a handful of key things you should definitely keep in mind. Instead of just buying the flashiest/most expensive kit you stumble across – browse with these factors in mind and you’ll find yourself much less likely to waste your money.


The compatibility of your cleaning kit is pretty vital. Barrel sizes range from gun to gun. Both in width and length. When shopping for a kit either do one of these two things:

Look for a universal kit, that’ll definitely have utilities in place to help you clean your own gun. The upside of a universal kit is that you’ll be able to clean a wide range of firearms should you ever choose to expand upon your collection. You’ll be able to help a friend/family member out if they’re looking for a hand with their own firearms too. Universal kits generally support rifles, pistols AND shotguns.

Alternatively, you can buy a kit that’s hyper specialized to your own gun. Let’s say you have a 12mm handgun. You’ll be able to source a kit that has the appropriate brush sizes etc for your own specific gun.

But, you’ll also be able to purchase a generic handgun cleansing kit. Double check first, but these generic kits will likely have the right equipment in them too.

Ensuring you have appropriately sized equipment ensures that you’ll be cleaning your equipment effectively. Make sure you double check your kit has the correct equipment before your purchase.

How Much Is Included In Your Kit?

Having the right equipment is great, but there’s a handful of resources that are finite when it comes to maintenance. Oil & lubricants will only last so long. Cloths will eventually become worn out and useless and some pieces of equipment may even be disposable.

You want to ensure as much is included as possible in order to get the best value for money. Not just finite resources such as oil. More niche things such as adapters and multi-tools are always a key indicator that a kit has had a lot of effort and thought put in to it.

Don’t just settle for “everything I need for my next maintenance”. Stock up on some extras so that you don’t hit a roadblock if you accidentally lose something. At the bare minimum, your bore brush and nylon brushes should be included. Ideally though you should have spare parts, oil, lubricants, plenty of patches, polishing cloths etc.

Quality Of Materials

The quality of material is obviously massively important. Metal components should be either reinforced or made out of good quality metals to prevent breakage during cleaning. Plastic should be of a reasonable quality too. Just because it’s made from plastic doesn’t mean it can’t be seriously durable.

Don’t just be wary of products that are made in China. Whilst this can sometimes be an indicator of the quality you should expect, it’s not always reliable. Products made in the USA can also be terrible.

There’s not much stopping someone from buying their components individually from cheaper countries. Simply “assembling” the product in the USA allows them to claim that their product was “made in the USA”. Even when the reality of the situation is that the materials were all foreign imports.

Brushes/Rods that are made from carbon fiber or other high quality durable materials are obviously ideal.

The Case

Obviously the case your cleaning supplies come in is pretty important. Cases with high levels of mobility are ideal. As are cases that are waterproof and ideally made of a more durable material such as metal.

We’re particularly big fans of cases that can double as a workstation. Or at the very least an aid for when you’re carrying out maintenance.

Good mobility is important in your case. It’ll grant you the ability to take your cleaning supplies anywhere. Whether you’re lugging your stuff in to work or across the country on a hunting trip, mobility matters.

A reasonable amount of room for spares and additional supplies is also a solid bonus for any carrying case. You want to be able to toss a couple extra bottles of oil/lubricant in. Or anything else you may discover you require as you go along.


There is a huge variety of kits out there on the market.

But the one that’s best for you ultimately boils down to a few key factors. How often do you use your firearms? Do you own more than one? How involved do you want to be with maintenance?

We’re particularly impressed with the Otis Elite Range box for it’s integrated gun vice to streamline mobile maintenance. But each and every other one of the products listed above has their strengths and weaknesses. You’ll likely find that each one of them have a reliable use case.

With that being said, we hope we taught you enough about what to look for in a cleaning kit. If you can walk away from this guide with enough knowledge to make an informed purchase, we did our job.


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