Body cameras are a pretty wonderful tool. You don’t have to be involved in law enforcement to reap the benefits of one either. In this wild political climate more and more citizens have sought out their own means of documenting their experiences in public.

A civilian wearing a body camera isn’t unheard of, of course. In fact, they’re quite common. They can be used to record sports and recreational activities. They can also be handy for journalists as they provide them with additional footage of events.

You can even use them for the exact same purpose cops do. To keep yourself legally protected whenever you have to interact with a member of the public (or the police) in a tense situation.

Body cams even have some level of application among those working security. The military traditionally make better use of helmet cameras, but utilizing a body mounted camera is not totally unheard of either.

Having access to HD video to properly play back someones experiences can have a profound effect on their lives. Personal digital surveillance technology can help keep innocent people on the good side of the law. It can also help hold bad agents accountable for their actions. This is why we’ve compiled a list below to aid you on your search for the best body camera for civilian use which can also be used for law enforcement and other activities. The list has been ordered such that the cheaper products are closer to the bottom, but all of them are high quality and likely to serve you well.

Best Body Cameras To Buy In 2020

1. Rexing P1 Body Worn Camera

The Rexing P1 Body Cam

The Rexing P1 is an outstanding body cam when weighed up against some of the other more popular competitors. It’s in full HD (1080p) meaning you’ll be able to capture more than enough detail. Paired with the 64 gigabytes of storage space and the long battery life it’s hard to find fault with this cam.

The battery life ultimately depends on how you plan on using this device. There’s 20 hours of standby charge available. This can be used to record exclusively audio for over 11 hours or audio and video for about 10. The infrared is fairly effective too, allowing for facial identification up to 10 meters in low light conditions.

Security is obviously top priority here, so it’s been configured so that you can only delete files by connecting your camera via USB cable to a laptop or desktop. You can also go the extra step and set an access password – ensuring that no one has the power to tamper with or erase your files. Despite this it still has a 2″ display screen to allow you to review footage on the fly.

Technical Specifications: Resolution: 1080p | Field Of View: 170 Degrees | Framerate: 30 FPS | Battery Life: 10 Hours | Memory Size: 64 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: Yes | Water Proof: IP67 | Night Vision: Yes | Video Format: MPEG4 | Size: 6.6 x 5.4 x 3 inches | Weight: 1lbs

2. MIUFLY 1296P HD Police Body Camera

The MIUFLY 1296p body cam

Technical Specifications
Resolution: 1296p | Field Of View: 140 Degrees | Framerate: 30 FPS | Battery Life: 10 Hours | Memory Size: 64 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: Yes | Water Proof: IP65 | Night Vision: Yes | Video Format: MPEG4 | 3.66 x 1.18 x 2.17 inches | Weight: 0.41lbs

The miufly full hd body cam is another solid choice for anyone looking for something durable with a lot of power. It has a digital zoom feature capable of going up to 16x magnification. There’s also a car DVR mode meaning it can also be used as a dashcam.

The 3100mAH lithium polyester battery means that you’ll be able to spend plenty of time using your camera before you need to worry about recharging. There’s built in speakers which mean that you can review audio whilst you play back videos on the 2 inch display.

If you want to review footage on a larger screen, there’s an integrated HDMI output alongside the regular USB slot that you can use to access your footage. Password protection is present to ensure that no one else can delete critical files from this device.

There’s also a handy watermark feature, which can display the users custom ID, the time, the date and even the GPS coordinates at which a video is taking place.

Two infrared lights are located near the camera which grant a level of luminosity for the low light settings to work properly. There’s also an auxiliary white flashlight which can be used to to help out with low light conditions in general.

It comes with its own charging dock which it can be rested in overnight. As this is a body cam geared more towards professionals, it doesn’t have any kind of wi fi app functionality.

3. BOBLOV G2A 1440P Body Camera

The BOBLOV G2A Personal Body Cam

This is more of a premium product when it comes to body cams in the boblov range. It takes a lot of the features of other cameras and expands upon them.

For example, the photo megapixel up to 40m, which is superb quality for a camera of this size. It also has GPS functionality, which means it can show the location of a particular recording when used outdoors. Using this feature indoors will likely cause some interference.

The integrated ambarella chipset means you can expect full hd videos encoded with high efficiency video coding.

It utilizes 2 lithium polymer batteries, which allow for longer periods of action. That makes this the best body camera for anyone working in a field such as law enforcement – as they tend to have longer shift hours.

Password verification is present here also to ensure your data is kept safe. 360 degree mounting clips are included that can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Technical Specifications: Resolution: 1440p | Field Of View: Standard| Framerate: Standard | Battery Life: 13-15 Hours | Memory Size: 64 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: Yes | Water Proof: IP67 | Night Vision: Automatic & Manual | Video Format: HEVC | Size: 7.2 x 6.2 x 3 inches | Weight: 1.5lbs

4. Boblov KJ21 Body Camera

The BOBLOV KJ21 Body Cam

The Boblov KJ21 has a couple of key features that distinguish it. For starters, it has a pre-record setting that allows you to retroactively capture the previous minute before you hit the record button. It also has an automatic infrared setting that, coupled with it’s 6 internal IR lights, allow you to take clear videos under low light conditions. Images can be taken whilst you’re video recording. These images can be toggled in quality up to 14M, with the lowest quality available being 4M.

Another handy option in the device is the dash cam feature. This feature causes the device to begin recording continuously when plugged in to a USB power source.

It’s capable of recording videos up to 30 minutes in length. It is also compatible with Micro TF cards with up to 128 gigabytes of memory, so storage shouldn’t be a concern.

Technical Specifications: Resolution: 1296p | Field Of View: 140 Degrees | Framerate: 30 FPS | Battery Life: Over 10 Hours | Memory Size: Up To 128 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: Yes | Water Proof: No | Night Vision: Automatic | Video Format: Original | Size: 0.98 x 2.36 x 3.35 inches | Weight: 0.9lbs

5. ORDRO Head Mounted Body Camera

The ORDRO Head Mounted Body Cam

The ORDRO camera employs a slightly more unique design. Instead of being clipped onto your clothing or vest – it’s attached to your head. But it doesn’t make use of ridiculous and conspicuous head straps. Instead, it’s designed to clip on to your ear in much the same fashion as a bluetooth earpiece.

You can configure both the frame rate and the resolution of your video in order to save space. With the maximum frame rate being an incredible 60fps at 1080p. Which is particularly impressive given the small size of the device.

It also has wi fi functionality in which you can sync it up to an app on your phone to view and record videos in real time.

The only real place this device suffers is in battery power. The small and compact size of the device and the associated batteries unfortunately mean you’re only going to get about 3 hours of use out of it. This is definitely not a camera you should use for an entire 12 hour shift. But if you’re looking to have a small and convenient camera handy to record for up to 3 hours then it’s your best possible bet.

There’s three indicator lights, a green one to indicate full battery, a red one to indicate charging and blue one to indicate wi fi sync.

It supports micro SD TF cards up to 128GB in size, so you’ll realistically never need to worry about running out of space. The only time you’ll need to lower the camera resolution is if you’re trying to extend how long your power lasts. The high frame rate means that you could probably consider this an action camera.

Technical Specifications: Resolution: 4k | Field Of View: 120 Degrees | Framerate: 60 FPS | Battery Life: 3 Hours | Memory Size: Up To 128 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: No | Water Proof: No | Night Vision: No| Video Format: MP4 | Size: 3.8 x 1.1 x 1.0 inch | Weight: 0.15lbs

6. Bobclov C18 Mini Body Cam

Boblov C18 Body Cam

This is another solution for anyone looking for a smaller alternative to a conventionally sized body cam. It has wi fi functionality and can easily be synced up to a smart phone. It comes in both a 32GB and 64GB variant allowing you to pick based on the budget you have available to you. The 64GB is probably preferable as it will allow you to continue filming in full HD for longer.

Photo mode is available and photos can be taken in 4k. The detachable clip design is fairly sturdy and will allow you to fashion the device to shirt pockets if needed.

It has motion detector and loop recording support to ensure you have a greater choice of options when it comes to utilizing your cam. The small OLED screen displays basic information such as your battery life, current resolution, current FPS and your recording status.

Technical Specifications: Resolution: 1296p | Field Of View: Standard | Framerate: 30 FPS | Battery Life: 3-5 Hours | Memory Size: Up To 64 Gigabytes | Audio: Built In Microphone | Shock Proof: No | Water Proof: No | Night Vision: No| Video Format: Standard | Size: 6.54 x 5.12 x 1.57 inches | Weight: 0.41lbs

Questions And Answers

Can I Legally Wear A Body Camera?

This depends on where you intend to wear your body cam. The legislation actually differs state by state. In some states, it’s perfectly legal to wear your body camera, even in private locations. However, any recordings may be inadmissible in court due to the existence of “two-party consent” laws surrounding video recording. Other states have legislation that prohibit them under a wide array of circumstances.

Looking for a sort of general rule? If you’re in public or on public property then you’re going to be allowed to capture video. But you should still do your due diligence on the intricacies of your local area to make sure you’re well protected.

Can Civilians Wear Body Cameras?

Generally speaking, yes. With that in mind, you should still do your research. Namely to see if it’s even worth investing in one in your local area. Sometimes there’s simply too much red tape.

What Brand Of Body Cameras Do The Police Use?

In truth, there isn’t a real answer to this question. Different departments have different levels of funding and different numbers of officers. They also have different requirements, legally speaking, for what they require in a body camera. As such, it’s difficult to name one particular brand. If you’re looking for something you could imagine the police using you should look out for a few key features:

  • Long recording life
  • Long battery life
  • Reasonable field of view
  • Decent resolution
  • Sturdy (waterproof and shockproof)
  • Infrared

Does the device you’re looking at have the features listed above? if so, there’s a reasonable chance some branch of law enforcement out there is using it. Or has at the very least considering using it.

How Much Is A Body Cam?

The prices range pretty wildly depending on what’s actually required of the device. Resolution, quality, frame rate, battery power and more are all factors that play a huge part on how it’s priced. Body cams can go from tens of dollars to hundreds of dollars. Some of the more expensive body cams have wi fi functionality, allowing them to sink up with smart phones. Others have GPS chips integrated with them that can display the exact coordinates in which a video was recorded.

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