Finding the perfect gift is always a challenging task. A lot of people opt for the obvious stuff and all that does is highlight how little thought they put into the gift.

See gifts aren’t about the monetary value of the item, it literally is the thought that counts.

And since you’ve landed on this page, it’s clear that you’re investing some time into finding the best gift for a survival enthusiast or a prepper.

That’s nice to see and I’ll definitely help you find the right one.

So dad, uncle, brother, husband or whoever it is, loves everything survival. Therefore you’ve done the right thing to ignore all the “best gifts for men” or “best gifts for my husband” guides. There full of generic rubbish. Buying from them lacks creativity and thought.

We have compiled a nice list of items in this blog that will go down a treat. This is your golden ticket to buying the best gift possible, no matter the occasion! Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, we have something for everyone.

12+ Best Survival Gifts List:

1 – GERBER Bear Grylls Fire Starter Survival Gift

Everybody has heard or seen Bear Grylls, so I’m sure you know who he is. This doesn’t mean you should buy his products though. When it comes to survival, us preppers take quality very seriously. The brand Gerber has been getting some amount of stick for focussing more on their celebrity advertising than creating good quality products.
The Gerber Bear Grylls Fire Starter is actually pretty good though! We put this first because its a low-cost item that can be bought if you have a low budget. However, the price does not reflect on the build quality.  This is a highly-effective fire starter that throws a good spark and lasts a long time.

2 – Biolite Camping Stove Survival Gift

This tiny camping stove may look boring but to us survival enthusiasts its a cool little bit of kit. So if we’re out in the wilderness we have to ensure we can boil water so that we can purify it from all the nasty toxins that it picks up. This stove gives us the ability to boil a liter of water in four and a half minutes.

It is also really handy to ensure we can keep our mobile devices charged. Although we will be using walkie talkies to communicate and will often have a survival radio too, its never a bad idea to have another option to communicate with the outside world. We can plug our smartphones into the Biolite so it can charge.

Now a lot of your modern-day survival guys will opt for something that works like your backyard grill. This Campstove is powered by burning any renewable biomass that you can find, i.e twigs and sticks. I can tell you from experience that this makes the experience much more satisfying.

Preppers, hikers, and survival enthusiasts are not the type that enjoys getting everything done for them. They do not go into these wilderness situations because its easy. We want to live off the land and experience life similar to our ancestors. It makes us feel manly as cringy as that sounds its the best way of describing it to an outsider.

There’s an LED indicator on the Biolite that lets us know how much heat we’re producing. It’s small and compact enough to make it easy to carry in terms of size. Although we do feel its a little heavy, the stove weighs around 2.5 pounds.

Depending on the backpacker/survival enthusiast this is a weight that can be justified as it brings a taste of luxury to your trip.

3 – USMC KA-Bar Fighting Knife

Now, this is a gift for the more experienced prepper. This item will set you back $100+ so if that is out of budget you can skip this one. If not, let me give you a tiny bit of history so that you can understand why this knife is legendary and why the person your buying a gift for will appreciate it. You can even impress them by chatting about the history too!

This is probably the most famous knife in the world. Well when United States soldiers entered WW2 in late 1941 they were issued with Mark 1 trench knives. These trench knives were used in the first world war but they weren’t very good. They had a guard on them for your knuckles but this limited the way you could hold it and made it very awkward. Soldiers complained and complained and eventually the US government started hunting for a new knife.

Then came along the KA-Bar. This knife has proved to be reliable for more than 70 years! IT has seen many wars including WW2 and Vietnam.



So I’m not going to go into the specifications as your probably going to get bored if I do that. However we do have a few articles on this website that praised the KA Bar and goes into the specifications/review.

If the person your buying a gift for hunts or preps, I can assure you he will like this knife. It is one of the best you can buy and is one of Gear Exploits absolute favorite.


4 – Gerber Dime Multi-tool

Remember I told you us preppers/survival enthusiasts love doing things for ourselves?
That means we have to have the right tools for the job. We love to whip out the perfect tool when and where we can.

Gerber has created this really nice multi-tool that was designed for the EDC community. EDC stands for every day carry.

Though, the multi-tool is useful in any survival situation. It’s tiny and inexpensive so it makes a good gift.

I am positive your husband, dad or whoever your buying a gift for already has one of these though.

BUT the thing with preppers and survival enthusiasts is we love new toys. We like to test things and push them to their limits.

We will gladly try another brand of knife even though we have 5-6 already.

This Gerber Dime is very cheap in comparison to the top multi-tools on the market.

Though it’s very well made and certainly matches the construction quality of the others.

It is very simple in terms of functionality but its a nice gift.

5 – Silky BigBoy Saw


This is a fantastic foldable saw that is perfect for anybody who’s into camping or canoeing. I was very impressed with these saws to be honest. and for less than $100 there a perfect gift. The Silky Saws are traditional Japanese pruning saws. Pretty cool if your a prepper!


6 – Etekity CL 10 LED Camping Portable Lantern Flashlight



So this light gives you the option to light up the entire sky. It is a 60 lumen light that will easily illuminate an entire room.

They aren’t bulky and its a non-gas powered light that lasts a long time. This is a great light that operates on AA batteries which btw comes included.

You also get two lights in this pack which makes it an absolute bargain. Your prepper / survivalist loved one will adore these and will most likely use them as solid camp light backups.

7 – The Muncher Multi-tool

Small enough to slip right into your pocket, this little tool can be used for a bunch of things. Want to peel a bit of fruit? Need to cut a wire? or maybe you have to pry something open. This tool is extremely handy and will be loved. Plus it’s pretty cheap so its a nice gift if your budget isn’t too high.  Crafted with titanium this little tool is built for durability. It is also coated so that it has extra corrosion resistance. So many preppers say this is the most used item in their kit.

8 – A Tactial Backpack

5.11 58601

Now, this is a tricky one because one it’s going to be a really expensive purchase for you and two it can be hard to choose the right backpack. But if you ace this, your survival enthusiast will look like a kid who’s woken up on Christmas day. When it comes to choosing a tactical backpack you have to consider the following elements: Price, MOLLE Compatibility, Compression, Size, Durability and comfort. Now this isn’t a guide to choosing the best tactical backpack, if you want that you have to go here. 

Pictured above, you will find the 5.11 Tactical RUSH24 Military Backpack. This backpack ticks everything on our list. It is a premium bag though so it will cost a bit. However this is one of the best you can buy. It is crafted using premium-grade 1050d Nylon which by the way is the same quality that Military bags are made with.

9 – Kaito KA500 Hand Cranked Radio

Kaito shortwave radios are loved in the survival community. I really like the Kaito KA500 emergency radio because you can charge it via hand crank and it has another few useful features. The quality of this radio exceeded my expectations and will likely do the same for the person you’re buying a gift for. Survival radios are very useful and could give you vital information that can save you and your family’s lives. That’s why we would appreciate one of these as a gift. During hurricane Katrina, people went days without communication and were stuck. Having a radio like this one would mean you could get vital information. It also has an SOS alert function which means you don’t have to shout for hours upon hours.

10 – Titanlight Refillable Waterproof Lighter

We do not want cheap lighters. We need a lighter that is capable of getting wet.
These are perfect for outdoor use, they ligth immediately without any problems. This will go down a treat.


11- A good Powerbank

Powerbanks can be used to charge phones and other devices. They can be charged by solar, powered by batteries and you can even get ones that can be powered by hand crank. . Plus they hold a lot of charge which will keep your devices fully powered. We prefer powerbanks that can be hand-cranked as you never know what situation you will find yourself in. A powerbank for any outdoor lover has to be rugged and highly durable, it can get a bit wild out there. You also want to find a powerbank that is water-resistant

Expensive Option – Premium NOCO Boost HD


This little thing can jump start a dead car battery in seconds. It is a 2000 amp portable lithium car battery. You can do up to 40 jumps on a single charge.

It can also charge USB devices and functions as a LED Flash light too. The Flashlight is 400 lumens.

Well worth the price and is the ultimate gadget for men.

Budget Buy – Outdoor Tech Waterproof Portable Charger

This is a 7800mAh Portable Charger. It also has a 100 Lumen LED Flashlight. 


Cheapest Option – Anker Powercore




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