Best Survival Fishing Kit For 2020

When it comes to being able to survive for longer periods of time in the wilderness, few things are more useful than a survival fishing kit.

Of course, if you’re planning on venturing forth in to the wilderness, you should always aim to bring more than enough supplies to last you. This means you have a bit of a margin for error when it comes to food wastage or other mishaps. But things don’t always go according to plan. You may end up wanting (or needing) to stay out for longer than you had initially planned. This exact scenario is why everyone should aim to have a kit handy if they’re going camping or engaging in other overnight activities.

They’re not just useful for camping, either. They’re an absolute necessity in any bug out bag. I’d go as far as to say that they’re just as important as a first aid kit and a means of starting a fire. After all, being able to patch up wounds and keep yourself warm won’t do you a lot of good if you’re starving.

I feel I should seriously stress the importance of having a well put together bug out bag. If 2020 has taught us anything – it’s taught us to expect the unexpected. It doesn’t matter if it’s severe weather conditions, civil unrest or any other variety of disasters that can befall a society. It’s important to be well prepared for a survival situation. the food shortages we seen at the beginning of the recent pandemic certainly served as evidence that most people simply aren’t prepared.

Best Survival Fishing Kits

If you’re looking to avoid going to the trouble of procuring all the individual components and assembling them, you might opt for a premade compact survival fishing kit. We’ve compiled a list of some contenders for the title of best survival fishing kit. Many of these kits have more than just the essentials – some of them come with instructions and spare supplies.

We’ve ranked the list in order of quality.

Yoyito Aluminum Hand Line Reel Pocket/Travel Fishing Kit

This is hands down one of the most modern hand line reels you’re going to find. Whilst this kit doesn’t come with bait (which can be scavenged on site) – it comes with everything else.

The provided fishing line is monofilament, but it’s a particularly strong monofilament. It’s tournament grade and rated at 30lbs.

The reel itself comes in either a gold or nickel style. The ergonomic finger holes allow you to easily manipulate the reel – even whilst under a considerable amount of tension from a larger fish. You should probably wear a glove in your off hand as this is the hand that you’ll be using to manipulate the line.

One of the issues people consistently encounter with hand reels is casting. The design of the modern fishing pole allows people to cast at fairly impressive distances. So many people are naturally offput by handreels as they feel they won’t be able to cast as effectively.

The Yoyito hand reel eliminates this by employing a smooth front cone design that allows you to cast just as far as a conventional fishing rod.

The dimensions of this kit are another reason we felt it should be included in the list. It’s compact enough to fit snuggly in a cargo pocket. It also comes with its own carrier pouch with full MOLLE compatability – meaning you don’t need to store this in a storage container or backpack. You can strap it to your chest and forget all about it until you need it.

An array of different types of hooks and weights are provided also.

The only real downside here is the price. It’s not optimal for anyone looking for a budget buy but it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for.

Best Glide ASE Basic Survival Fishing Kit

This is another solid choice. Not just for emergency situations – it’s also a great option for anyone looking to catch fish on a budget. The entire kit is provided in a rubber sealed tin container with some silica gel to stop moisture degradation. (We’re aware of the irony of having to waterproof your fishing products).

One of the first two things you’ll notice about this kit is how incredibly compact it is. The other is how cheap it is. This is partially because it is the basic variant of the slightly more advanced kit. But despite how scaled back the kit is – it still has every single thing you’ll need to ensure you’re not wasting your time in the water.

2 small hooks, 2 medium hooks and 2 larger hooks are present (#4, #6, #8). Meaning you have some room for error despite the fairly cheap nature of the kit.

Salmon eggs are provided as bait, alongside jigs, flies, bobbers and split shot. Leaders are provided too.

A rudimentary plastic hand reel is present and attached to a 50ft 12lb fishing line.

UST Learn And Live Starter Kit

This is a particularly useful solution to anyone looking for the cheapest possible solution that’ll still hold up fairly well under a bit of pressure. Not only does it have all of the essential components you’ll need to catch your dinner, it has the information you’ll need to do it too. It comes with a small set of waterproof, laminate cards that detail exactly how you should go about catching your dinner. This means that if you haven’t had time to get some practice in before SHTF, you needn’t worry. You’ll at least be in a position where you have rapid access to the knowledge required to ensuring you don’t go hungry.

All of the components are provided in a waterproof case, including 4 separate hooks and 2 swivels (just incase). The hand winder reel reaches 36m in length, which is more than enough to leave you with some spare line if you find yourself tangled on something underwater. There’s also 2 weights made from a zinc alloy, meaning they won’t suffer much degradation over the (hopefully) short period of time you find yourself relying on this.


Survival Fishing Kit – All You Need To Know

What Exactly Is A Survival Fishing Kit

A survival fishing kit can be loosely defined as any emergency fishing kit. They’re often much smaller and less bulkier than traditional fishing equipment. Whilst the use of a rod can certainly make things much easier – very few people carry a rod with them everywhere they go.

These kits are often particularly small – meaning they’re perfect for anyone looking to conserve space on a trip. Well made kits can fit in your pocket and be completely forgotten about unless you absolutely need them.

A survival fishing kit is something that you should probably include in your bug out bag – if you own one. Although odds are if you’re an avid reader of this site you may already have one.

Always remember that in a survival situation – every little bit of energy you can muster helps. Catching and eating a fish could be the difference between having the energy to make it back to civilization or simply perishing.

For best results, every person in your group should have their own kit for catching fish. Fishing over a wider area, preferably, will increase your chances of getting a bite. Ideally you want a situation where

Making Your Own Survival Fishing Kit

Many people opt to make their own survival fishing kit. This gives them a bit of freedom in dictating the quality of the kit overall – allowing them you select their own lines, hooks and kit containers. If you don’t mind spending a bit of time shopping around for components and a bit of self-assembly, this can actually be pretty fun.

Just remember that you should be taking this seriously. The aim here is to have a survival kit that you can actually rely on to keep you safe in a survival situation.

One of the benefits of building your own kit is that it can often work out cheaper. The only downside is that if you don’t know what you’re doing you could end up with a pretty terrible kit. Make sure you’ve read up on fishing supplies before you

The core components of survival fishing kits are as follows.

Fishing Line

This is the line, wire or cable that you use to connect your reel with your hook/bait. You’re going to want to opt for a line with a reasonable amount of length and a decent bit of weight behind it. You can opt for a monofilament line if you’re looking to save a bit of cash. If you’re looking for something a little bit more heavy duty, you might want to opt for a braided line – which is effectively multiple lines braided together for strength.

Hand Reel

The next thing you’ll need for your survival fishing kit is some kind of hand reel. Hand reels don’t have to be expensive – although they can be. If you’re concerned about long term survival, you might want to consider splashing out on a hand reel that’s built for some heavy duty fishing. The yoyito hand reel kit at the top of this article is a good example of this.

But you don’t need to spend that much money on a hand reel. There are also very inexpensive solutions such as the Challenge yo-yo plastic hand reel.


These are what you’re going to be using to actually catch fish. Circle hooks are the best option for someone who is hand reeling. It’s difficult to hook set (where you jerk the line to ensure the hook gets trapped in the fishes flesh) without a rod. But it’s not impossible. Circle hooks can make this process a little easier for you. 5/0 hooks are a great size for an emergency fishing kit.

Circle hooks aren’t the only type of hook you’re going to want to stock up on, though. It’s important to have a nice variety of hooks to choose from. Not just because there’s a multitude of specialty hooks for specific occasions – but also because it’s important to have spares. Losing your hooks in the water is not a fun experience. Especially if it’s not particularly shallow water and you have near zero chance of retrieving them. Keep a reasonable amount of hooks on hand and try to retain some variety. Other hooks to look out for include weedless hooks and treble hooks.

Conventional Bait

Conventional bait is generally bait that can actually be ate by fish. Some bait can be scavenged from the wild such as worms, leeches, minnows and insects. Other times, you can buy bait from fishing stores – just remember that live bait will only last so long before it dies and starts to rot. You can circumvent this problem by purchasing fake bait such as silicon earthworms and salmon eggs.

Jigs And Lures

These are a form of bait that doesn’t involve actual fish food. They’re often designed to look like flies, insects or other types of small fish in order to attract a bite from bigger fish.

Having a reasonable assortment of jigs and lures is important for fishing without bait. If you run out of bait – or struggle to find any in the wild, jigs and lures will come in very handy. Having a nice variety available will also help you capitalize on different types of fish.

Inexpensive Water Filter

Since you’re going to be working around a body of water, you should probably consider snapping up a water purifier. Eating fish will certainly give you a boost on calories and protein, but what happens if there’s microbial life or other pollutants in the water you’re drinking? All of these extra calories will quite literally go to waste if you end up sick. Snap up an inexpensive purifier such as a drinking straw with a carbon filter and some form of osmosis system if you want to avoid running this risk.

Other Survival Gear

Survivalists who are serious about preparing will include other things in their kits. You might want to think about including a survival knife, a multi tool of some kind and some form of fire starter. Whilst you can eat many types of fish fresh – it really doesn’t hurt to have the option to cook them.

You might also want to consider netting. Sizable portions of netting can be difficult to transport but you can likely find a fairly compact gill net for cheap.

You also don’t 100% need a hand reel for your survival fishing kit. There are survival fishing rods available that employ a more traditional design that are fairly compact. In theory you don’t even need a reel at all – you could probably wear a thick pair of gloves and reel around your hand. The point here is that you don’t need to splash out hundreds of dollars on fishing gear – a hook, a decent line and some bait can theoretically grab you your supper for the evening.

It also wouldn’t hurt to have other means of procuring food available. Fishing kit survival is only convenient if you find yourself near a body of water that can actually be fished in.

A sharp hunting knife can be used to properly prepare any fish you catch. But it can also be used to fashion a spear which can not only be used for fishing but also for conventional hunting of larger prey.

Always remember – if there’s even a remote chance of shtf, you can never be overprepared.

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