So you’re looking to buy a new ghillie suit and want to know which ones best?

Great, this list contains 10 ghillie suits that we have tried and tested for hunting and playing airsoft. 

Let’s dive into the list. If you are interested in reading our buying guide jump to the bottom and you’ll see where we discuss the different points we looked at and the various points you should consider before buying. 

The Best Ghillie Suit

1. Arcturus Ghost Ghillie


Our Review: This suit is a great Ghillie suit for recreational sports like airsoft and paintball. You could use it for hunting but its a bit heavy and perhaps a little bit overkill for hunting. 

Arcturus have designed this suit very well. It’s aesthetically pleasing and reminds us of the type of suit you would see in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4. There are a few occasions where the character Ghost wears a ghillie suit. Is there where they got there influence? 

Putting this aside, the suit is actually really good. It is constructed using high quality materials that help improve the density of the cover and creates a really nice pattern disruption. 

Just about any material will mold but you have a higher chance of a ghillie suit moulding because they get mucky and wet. The fabrics are quite thick together so its hard to dry. This is why you have to air your Ghillie Suits out when you’re done. 

However you’ll be glad to know that this suit is mold-resistant, so this helps a LOT. 

Arcturus have clearly invested a lot of time into designing this suit. Its clear that the Ghost Ghillie Suit has been built to last and can sustain a lot of wear and tear. 

They offer a few different camo’s, everything from Woodland to Drygrass. 

There is a breathable mesh backing which makes the suit way more comfortable. 

Remember you’ll be crawling around with this thing on and producing a lot of heat. 

With the thick replica foliage materials on your back you will warm up fast. 

The breathable mesh allows this heat to escape and means you’ll be able to retain a nice body temperature. 

The hood and waist are adjustable too. 

2. Ghillie Suit by Red Rock Outdoor Gears 


The Red Rock Outdoor Ghillie Suit is really popular right now. It comes in four color patterns, these are desert, woodland, acu and snow. The Red Rock Ghillie Suit consists of a jacket, pants and hood. It does come with a gun wrap for your rifle to help keep that concealed too. 

It is one of the more affordable Ghillie suits on the market, I guess thats why its so popular. 

You can easily adjust the outfit so that it is more comfortable and the pants feature snap locks so that your boots are concealed. The pants are really nice actually. 

3. ASAT Vanish Pro 3D

This is a good suit overall, I’m quite impressed. The top and bottom fitted perfectly and it is all very light weight. Its a good quality suit and a perfect best ghillie suit for hunting. 

The suit starts off with an ASAT camo colored mesh wrap. Then the manufacturers chain-stitched a polyester set of leaves to the mesh. 

It is designed to fit over the top of your normal clothes so its fairly comfortable but is a bit bulky. It would do well if you’re planning on covering a large distance with this thing on. 

The camo colour is really aesthetically pleasing too but its best if you wash it a few times as this will fade it out and make it work even better! Honestly, animals will look right through you if you’re hunting. 

The cuffs and the waistband are elastic so it can fit a wide range of sizes fairly easily. 

So if you’re looking for a hunters ghillie suit, I’d recommend this one. 


Key Features

  • This package comes with top, pants and headpiece. 

4. Arcturus 3D Leafy

The Arcturus Ghost isn’t better than the Leafy series, it is simply just down to preference. The ghost is typically used in airsoft or paintball. Whereas the leafy series is more suited towards hunting. However this depends on the environment and whether or not the camo’s work. 

The suit is constructed of a very thin netting that isn’t actually called netting. It’s like a sort of mesh base. This means it’s very light and would be easy to customise. It is made up of a drawstring carry bag and a two-piece jacket. 

I quite like this suit as its very light and comfortable. No heavier than a little rain jacket. This isn’t as heavy as some of the threaded suits. 

The cuffs and the waistband are elastic so it will fit a wide range of sizes. 

In terms of concealment the ghillie comes with about 1000 leaves attached and there is the option to add more yourself. The leaves are designed in a way that makes them poke out as opposed to lying flat (like you’ll find on most threaded suits). This makes it look as if it were an actual bush with leal leaves. 

The leaves are made from a material called Pongee which is a silk like material. This allows the leaves to blow around in the wind which adds to the realism. It’s very lightweight. The Acturus Ghost weighs 6lbs whereas the Leafy only weighs 2lbs. 

The lighterweight does not mean the durability of this suit has been sacrificed either. You can crawl with this and put it through a bit of hell and it will be ok. 

If you’re thinking of using this suit to hunt, it will do okay but you should know that there is a bit of a chemical smell to it. After a few washes this fades away but you have to spend a bit of time managing this scent so that your prey does not catch a whiff of it. 




5. Arcturus – Build Your Own

Arcturus actually sell this quality synthetic thread that allows you to craft your own ghillie suit. The thread is fire retardant, waterproof and rot proof. It is precut into 18 inch lengths. Each bundle weighs around half a pound. 

You could easily have a fun project on your hands and create your very own ghillie suit. This will be the best one hands down out of everything on this lit because you’ll be able to craft your own and tailor it to your environment. 

You will obviously need a netting to go along with it. Luckily Arcturus sell this seperately too. 

6. CamoSystems Jackal Ghillie Suit

This suit by CamoSystems Jackal is pretty good actually. It looks a little fake and is probably the heaviest ghillie suit in guide but it does conceal you well. It comes in three parts and features a polyster netting that is durable. The threads are densly packed together which adds a lot of weight to the suit. They do NOT pick up any debris though. 



7. North Mountain Gear Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leaf

Our Review: This suit is similar to the Arcturus 3d Leafy in terms of the leaves. They are lightweight, point out and will blow in the wind. This makes it look “active” and more realistic. 

So the leaves used on this suit are thicker which makes them longer and they catch the wind easier. It’s a suit that was designed for hunters so the sizing is flexible enough to go over whatever layer of clothing you need. 

The leaves are more of a cloth texture than a plastic one. 

You can wash this suit but we recommend doing so in the lightest wash setting possible. I.e don’t put it in on an aggressive spin. 

My only real complaint is the zipper, it keeps sticking and could be designed better. Other than that it’s a good suit.


8. Mil-Tec Ghillie Suit 4 pcs

This suit is nice for airsoft or paintball. I liked the digital desert camo (pictured above). It weighs just over 4.2 lbs. 

9. Vivo Ghillie Suit in Woodland Camo

Our Review: The suit actually looks too good to be true, so my first impressions were quite hesitant. I was concerned it would be a nice render but a terrible chinese clone turned up. This isn’t the case, I was pleasantly surprised to find it looks pretty good in person. 

It’s a four piece suit that consists of a mask, jacket, pants and gun cover. Its constructed using polyester which means its pretty lightweight and isn’t too heavy. The material is light enough to leave a breeze through, so it’s quite a breathable suit.

The suit is made of string for the most part, so the texture is realistic looking. I was expecting it to be more plasticy. 

I read a story about a guy using this suit to take secret photos of his brother proposing to his girlfriend at the time on a trail path. He was in the brush at the side snapping the moment. Afterwards his brother told him he was really concerned because he didn’t know if he was actually there, even though he knew exactly where he would be. 

This Ghillie Suit weighs around 4lbs. 

I do have some issues though, there should be more coverage around the neck. A lot of the strings will fall off after the first couple of uses, not to the point where the suits unuseable but almost like they were loose ends from the factory that weren’t cleaned off. 

Some of the stitching is quite weak but you get what you pay for. This isn’t a cheap suit but it is priced cheaper than some of the other top brands.


10. Auscamotek Ghillie Suit for Hunting

This is another good ghillie suit for helping you blur into the contrast of your environment. It weighs just over 4 lbs (it looks heavier). The sheer amount of puffy threads help you conceal yourself in whatever grassy environment the suit works in. You have the option of dry grass (pictured above) or green grass. 

This string-based Ghillie suit comes in 4 pieces. There is the jacket and pants, a hood and a gun cover. There is also a camo carrying pouch. It is WELL worth it for the price because boy is this thick. The threads come in a seven-color blend of different fibers to help you blend in. 

The facial mesh provides you with good concealment while not compromising your ability to breath and see. 

This is a nice suit for for deer, turkey and duck hunting or wildlife photography or even birdwatching. 


11. JUMPEAK Hooded Ghillie Suit


Our Review: If I were to pick between this suit and the Auscamotek suit I would choose Auscamotek. However this JUMPEAK suit comes in a snow version. It is perfect for mucking around in but if you’re a serious hunter or airsoft player steer clear. The snow version is ok but there are better ones on this list. 


12. North Mountain Gear Hybrid Suit 



This is a hybrid between a threaded and leafy ghillie suit. It’s pretty cool actually and looks really realistic. I’m a big fan. It’s not the cheapest but is really realistic and you’re paying for quality here. 

It’s really comfortable and very breathable so you’ll do just fine hunting in summer when it’s warm. 


Ghillie Suit Buying Guide

A sniper’s ability to stalk, observe and engage targets from afar while being completely concealed sets them apart from other infantry units. If you’re able to stay almost invisible, it gives you a unique advantage. 

To acquire this skill, you’re going to have to invest years of practice if you want to master it. Marine Sniper school is 12 and a half weeks long. Navy Seals who pass their tests and meet a certain standard get invited to a unique sniper school. This school is 12 weeks long but the navy seal is required to endure 12 hour long days, 7 days a week. It is a school for the elite.

Why? Because the skills a sniper requires are hard to master but thats another guide. You want to find a ghillie suit, right?

Well, choosing the best ghillie suit can be a nuisance if you’re new to hunting, airsoft or paintball. 

Why? Well, there are a few different types available to buy. You also have to consider the type of environment you’re going to be using it in before you buy one too.


1. There is a color theme for each type of habitat

It’s important to know the area you’re going to be hunting in. If you want to blend in you have to know the environment you’re hunting in. 

There are three major environments (leaving out snow)

  1. Grass fields (The color of these fields usually range from golden yellow to dark green if you’re in the jungle)
  2. Woodlands (typically dark and light colors)
  3. Bush fields (often have mixed colors)
  4. Sand (light brown to tan colors)

Let’s look at the woodland environment first. 

a) Woodland environments are packed with greens and browns.

So this environment typically has lots of light, dark greens and browns.

The human eye is trained to identify unusual patterns and that means we can identify a pattern that doesn’t belong fairly easily. When you match that and the fact that somebody can carry a 50x magnifier in their pocket, you have to consider your environment carefully.  

If this is an environment that you’ll be visiting, you should look at the following Ghillie Suits:

  1. Red Rock Outdoor Gear
  2. Ghost Ghillie Suit™
  3. CamoSystems Jackal Ghillie Suit

b) Brown / yellow colors that remind you of Autumn (light and dark browns)

Notice all of the light to dark browns/orange? Autumn marks the transition between summer to winter. One of the main features of autumn is the trees shed their leaves due to the sudden temperature change. 

You will no longer see those bold green colors that once glowed during summer. Instead, you’ll find lots of light to dark browns and a tonne of fallen leaves. 

The best type of ghillie suits for this hunting environment is any with lots of browns and leaves attached to it. 

c) Environments with dry conditions that have sagebrush

Areas like the one in the picture above are very dry. Here you have a mix of light green and brown colors. Therefore you’re going to want a ghillie suit that resembles a Sagebrush. 

d) Light brown and tan colors that are similar to colours in the desert

Active soldiers of the last 20 years will likely know this terrain very well from their deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

The primary colors for this terrain are like a light brown to tan color. You will not find much green in the desert so you’ll need a completely different ghillie suit for this terrain. 

What types of ghillie suits are on the market?

So there are three different types of ghillie suits available to buy. The first type we will look at is the threaded type. 

The majority of the ghillie suits you’ll find online will likely be a threaded type. This means all of these suits have a foundation that is likely a jacket and pants with nylon netting. The netting then has various threads stitched into the netting. 

These are often made okay considering its a factory production. Check out the CamoSystem Jackal suit. 

They’re never going to be of the same quality as a suit that has been made by hand. These threads tend to catch onto debree too. 

The second type of suit is the leavy type. We like North Mountains 3d Leafy suit as it looks really realistic. This type of suit is very similar to the threaded type but instead of threads they use a fake leave made of cloth or some form of plastic. 

The last type of suit is the hybrid. This combines both the leaves and the threads together to create a realistic looking suit. We really like the North Mountain Gear Hybrid Suit for this. 






So What is a Ghillie Suit? 

A ghillie suit is a camouflaged outfit that is often worn by snipers but really anybody that was to stay concealed can wear one. It’s common for hunters to wear them while hunting. A ghillie suit helps you blend in with your environment and makes you hard to detect. 

Why do they call it a ghillie suit??

The ghillie suit was created in Scotland. It was created by shepherds who wore them while protecting their sheep. The word ghillie comes from a Scots Gaelic term. The shepherds would stay close to their sheep and sit very patiently waiting for any  predators or hunters to come close. The second the enemy became in range, the shepherd would attack and defend their sheep. The suits often worked so well that even wolves would pass and not notice the ghillies. After a while, successful landowners actually put men in full-time roles just to patrol and defend their livestock.

How To Use A Ghillie Suit

Step 1 – Lie Down, ghillie suits are more effective if you’re lying down. The prone position will help you get a more stable shot too. 

Step 2 – Don’t move. The human eye can detect movement very well. 

Step 3 – Ensure you’re fully camouflaged. Don’t wear white Adidas shoes with your ghillie suit it would make you stand out like a sore thumb. 

Step 4 – If you have to move, crawl. It’s way more effective.

Step 5 – Try utilize the shadows. It’s darker so you will be more concealed. 


Are ghillie suits legal?

Yes they are legal. There is no laws that say ghillie suits aren’t allowed. 

Can I wear a ghillie suit to hunt deer?

Technically yes but you wouldn’t want to. First things first, you’re wearing something that makes you blend in with your environment and essentially makes you invisible. That means other hunters can’t see you, which means if your shooting at a deer and behind that deer there’s another hunter, you could be in trouble. 

For this reason, most states require hunters to wear blaze orange outerwear which would render the ghillie suit ineffective anyway. Other than this there are no laws that say you cannot wear a ghillie suit to hunt deer. If your sitting in a box stand and surrounded on all sides by the walls you will be fine. 

How much is a ghillie suit?

It depends, most range from $75 to $150 but a lot of people make their own as its often more effective. 





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