Tactical Accessories For Your Car – Why?

Tactical car accessories are a key consideration for anyone that’s serious about survival. If you’re a hardcore survivalist, you’ve likely already prepared a monster of a bug-out-bag with everything you could possible need in it. Food & water purification supplies, tools & all tactical clothing are great – but they’re not much use if you’re rendered immobile.
There are a handful of different tactical accessories you should consider kitting your vehicle out with. Especially if you’re looking to increase the functionality and utility offered by your own specific vehicle.

Having a high quality vehicle that can traverse various types of terrain is obviously the best choice of vehicle for a serious situation, but if it’s functionally useless in every other respect you could find yourself in a bad situation.

So let’s take a look at some vital pieces of kit you should consider having in your vehicle in case of an emergency.

Alritz Emergency Survival Kit


You may already have every single one of these items individually, but if (or perhaps when?) things go south, can you guarantee your ability to gather them all quickly and place them in your vehicle?

Odds are, this is unlikely.

The Survival Kit comes with all of the necessary tools you’ll need to survive out in the wilderness.

It comes with two compasses, one is a large, pocket sized compass. The other is smaller and integrated into a survival bracelet that provides you with just enough paracord to help fasten a shelter.

It has a flint stone alongside a scraper, so you’re able to easily start fires when necessary to heat yourself up. This is complimented with the thermal blanket that comes alongside the kit too.

There’s a military knife in this kit too, it’s spring assisted so you can begin using it rapidly with a pocket clip to ensure it’s safe to transport.

The saber card is a pretty unique addition to this kit too, with an extremely varied span of functionality, emulating multiple tools including

  • A Bottle Opener
  • A Can Opener
  • A Screwdriver
  • A 4-Position Wrench
  • A 2-Position Wrench
  • A Butterfly Screw Wrench
  • A Direction Ancillary Wrench
  • A Saw Blade
  • A Ruler

This kit also comes with a tactical flashlight with adjustable intensity settings. It even has a tactical pen that can be used to easily break windows/glass in the event of an emergency that would necessitate this. (Ever seen what a spark plug can do to a window? same concept.)

The wire saw that comes with this kit will allow you to quickly gather wood for a fire or even a shelter.

This case also features a whistle. This whilst will allow you to quickly garner another parties attention. You can even develop your own whistle pattern systems for quickly differentiating between friend and foe.


Surviveware Large First Aid Kit & Added Mini Kit for Trucks

Being injured without a first aid kit nearby could be the literal difference between life and death. A first aid kit should rank pretty highly on your list of tactical accessories.

This massive first aid kit is FDA approved and comes absolutely packed to the brim with supplies to ensure you don’t run out of the essentials after a couple of injuries.

The bag is made of a water resistant material and every individual item inside the bag is wrapped in a waterproof plastic pouch. The actual fabric is a 600d polyester so it can take quite a beating without getting damaged too.

The bag is divided up into sections, all of them neatly organised with the relevant medical supplies. This means you won’t have to waste time figuring out where specific bandages/dressings etc are in an emergency.

In terms of the supplies provided – there’s a LOT in here.

Numerous alcohol wipes, cleaning wipes and more to ensure you can quickly and effectively disinfect the area around a wound. There’s CPR instructions and a first aid manual too so this kit can be more effectively used by the untrained.

Various types and sizes of adhesive bandages such as large, medium and butterfly are present too.

Hydrogel is included to keep injuries from drying out, safety pins, shears and even ‘niche’ first aid items such as sting relief wipes are included. There’s even a CPR mask!


Boulder Tools – Heavy Duty Tire Repair Kit for Car

Can you imagine being miles out into the middle of nowhere and encountering a flat tire? This could completely immobilize you. A tire repair kit ranks pretty high on your list of essentials when it comes to tactical car accessories.

You never really know when you’re going to get a flat tyre – it often doesn’t even cross your mind because it’s such a rarity with modern road conditions being relatively smooth.

Having a heavy duty tyre repair kit at hand will allow you to quickly restore your tyre to a usable condition until you can find a replacement. This repair kit is ideal for vans, motorcycles, trucks and cars.

The tools are much sturdier than their often plastic counterparts, this pairs very well with the fact that the brown strings are incredibly heavy duty and strong. You can have relative piece of mind after carrying out a repair with this kit.

If you’re not entirely confident on carrying out repairs, it even has some basic instructions included.

FosPower Emergency Solar Hand Crank Portable Radio

This is an incredibly important piece of technology that will allow you to generate energy on the fly. You can generate electricity by kinetic energy using the hand crank. The device has a small solar panel on top to allow it to generate energy when inactive and exposed to the suns rays. This is a unique convenience that many people would overlook when hunting for tactical accessories.

Run out of battery in your phone? simply plug it in and start charging.

This device has NOAA weather alert functionality, so you can set it up to provide you with weather warnings and alerts as necessary. The radio also works via AM/FM, so provided there’s still stations to listen to you’ll be able to enjoy a couple of hours of music or news every night without even fully depleting the battery. (which can be easily recharged anyway).

It even has a flashlight built in to help you navigate in the dark.

The battery itself is 2000mAh, which is more than you’ll likely need

Other Things To Consider

There are a handful of other things you should store in/near your vehicle in case of emergencies. These include:

Vehicle Selection:

Odds are you already have a vehicle in mind whilst reading this. But on the off chance you don’t, you should be very meticulous in your choice of vehicle. The ability to navigate any terrain is awesome, but you should also take into account fuel efficiency. Being able to shoot throw the toughest of terrain is largely irrelevant if you run out of fuel doing it. Opt for a reasonable amount of storage space too – you never know how much stuff you might end up needing.

Can you comfortably sleep in your vehicle? If so you’ve eliminated the need for shelter.

Antifreeze / Engine Oils

Picture this: you need to get your vehicle moving, but you can’t. The cold weather has rendered your vehicle utterly useless. Does that sound like a good situation to you?

Luckily, it can be prevented with antifreeze.

Antifreeze is a substance that is added to the water in an engines cooling system, it lowers the freezing point of this liquid so that it doesn’t freeze up easily.

Some countries even add it to their water supply at certain times of year to de-ice the pipes. It’s actually dangerous to drink Canadian tap water in certain locations at certain types of year due to this.

A frozen cooling system can cause serious damage to the radiator of your car. In a survival situation you may not have the time to make repairs.

Having some antifreeze handy could make a massive difference to your ability to stay mobile.

Having some engine oil handy in general will allow you to keep your cars inner workings running as smoothly as possible.

Spare Fuel

It probably goes without saying, but having some spare fuel handy should be top priority for anyone prepping. Running out of fuel miles into the wilderness is a terrible situation to find yourself in. The walk to find more fuel could take days (and that’s if there’s even fuel located within a reasonable walking distance from you)

If you’re looking to greatly increase your fuel capacity then you can look into acquiring a NATO style Jerry can. The one below is a perfect example. Please be cautious though – these cans are not designed to transport much else. The lining on the inside would render drinking water toxic for example – so don’t double up and get an extra container for water.

VALPRO 20 Liter (5 Gallon) NATO Jerry Can

This Jerry can is capable of holding up to 20 liters of fuel. Even if your truck has terrible fuel efficiency, you should consider stocking up on this much fuel. Increasing the expected “range” of your vehicle presents a great tactical advantage.

Looking for something designed to withstanding tough and grating conditions? This Jerry can is built out of a high quality steel.

It has an anti-corrosion liner designed to make it safe to store outdoors if necessary.

The flexible spout has a quick release lid so you can refuel on the fly very quickly.

This is the same manufacturer who provide Jerry cans for NATO forces globally. This fact alone guarantees a ridiculously high level of quality.



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